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Comedic Impressionist Dean Turner  
Ever since the age of three when Dean’s parents caught him literally trying to climb through the screen of their twenty in Zenith so he could join his favorite TV friends, they knew he was somewhat destined to be an entertainer of some sort.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, you might say that Dean was truly bitten by show biz as a child in the mid fifties when actor Bela Lugosi, ole’ Dracula himself, scared the daylights out of him the night he dropped by his mother's hotel newsstand to buy a newspaper.

Then after constantly entertaining his school friends, mimicking punching, shooting, crashing sounds from his favorite movies, Dean next went to college where he graduated from hokey sound effects to voice impersonations. 

Slowly building up a repertoire of more than 250 voices, Dean ventured into stand up, where a producer spotted him and hired him to perform in a series of trade shows, which led to a contract to perform in a Vegas style nightclub review.

Soon his impersonations started landing him gigs everywhere, including, of all places, an unscheduled stint in his wife's hospital delivery room.  This was indeed the performance of his lifetime after her doctor in an attempt to cam her painful contractions, actually ordered Dean to impersonate John Wayne, Richard Nixon, Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood as her Lamaze coaches. “Ah, ah, I know what you're thinking.  Did she have six or only five contractions?”

Aside from appearing in hospital delivery rooms, Dean's performed in cities throughout the country including New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago.  His ensemble of voices and characterizations have appeared in more than 200 radio and TV spots, most of them which he personally wrote with two of them receiving special “ADDY” awards for best commercial.

Along with producing movie and TV parodies, Dean has another passion, writing and producing for kids.  He, Anne and a cast of others appeared in over one hundred performances of “The Pennsylvania Magic and Recycling Show”, a special show he created, wrote, and produced to teach kids about recycling.  Centering around the “Austin Powers” and “The Pink Panther” movies, Dean appeared as Inspector Clouseau attempting to thwart Dr. Evil's diabolical plan to rid the world of recycling once and for all.

Dean lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with his wife Anne. Where he continues to work in Marketing & Advertising.

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